Innordic Strong Joint K9 500g


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All natural joint relief, that works



StrongJoint is the market’s most powerful product for optimum mobility and recovery in dogs’ joints.


StrongJoint is a natural and fully bio absorbable mixture of Kompeet, which is a carefully chosen mix of plant oils, ArctiFlex (which is a naturally sourced and fully bio absorbable glucosamine), and selected herbs.


It improves dogs’ well-being and quality of life, especially dogs suffering from age-related joint problems.


 It is extremely powerful

It is made from all natural ingredients

It contains bio absorbable glucosamine

It is an effective joint care product



Recommended daily dosage per. kg of dog weight:


Prophylactic 0.25 g/kg

maintenance 0.5 g/kg

recovery 0.75 g/kg


Maximum daily dosage:

1g/kg of dog weight


Directions for use:

To be given with the usual feed. StrongJoint is not a medication in any form and you should always contact a veterinarian if you are worried about your dog’s health.



Store in a dry place, out of direct sunlight.


Shelf life

Use within 12 months of the production date.












Willow bark






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