Perrys Pony Meal 20kg


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Perrys Pony Meal

PERRYS PONY MEAL vitamin and mineral levels are formulated to meet the requirements of ponies and horses in maintenance condition or undergoing a light work load.


PERRYS PONY MEAL contains higher levels of slow release energy ingredients than fast release energy ingredients. High amounts of starch rich grains can release high levels of glucose energy quickly into the bloodstream, and can lead to ‘fizzy’ behaviour from your horse. Energy released through fermentation of fibrous feeds is gradual and important for horses and ponies not currently under heavy work conditions.



The horse is a herbivore without the benefits of the ruminant digestive system, which helps to facilitate digestion of high fibre diets for absorption in the ruminant small intestine. To counter this, the horse evolved to be able to graze and chew feed for up 20 hours a day. This level of mastication would be impossible without constantly erupting teeth, which can continue emerging from the gums until the horse is up to 25 years old. Without this regular chewing, teeth overgrowths can occur, resulting in developmental and nutritional issues.


A major advantage of feeding unprocessed muesli feeds is the mastication required to digest the feed promotes wearing of the teeth, helping to promote the maintenance of healthy teeth, whilst also slowing down feed consumption, allowing more time for digestive enzymes to break down food particles


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