Ridley Command 20kg


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High energy, high performance oat-free muesli



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Now with Gastrolize™ for hindgut support and beet-pulp for cooler energy.


Performance horses need extra energy to enable them to perform properly. Barastoc Command has been developed to provide your horse with the extra energy it needs to realise its potential, consistently. Barastoc Command is a high energy, high performance oat-free muesli.


What will it provide my horse?

Formulated with lower starch, higher fat, cooked grains and beet-pulp for cooler energy and ease of digestibility.


Enriched with bio-available vitamin E and high levels of antioxidants to support your horse’s immunity and assist in recovery.


Contains Diamond V® XPC to enhance gut health, improve utilisation of fibre and reduce lactic acid accumulation during exercise.


Includes Barastoc Gastrolize™, to aid in buffering the stomach and hindgut, and to provide relief from the discomfort caused from gastric ulcers.


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