Ridley Equibix 20kg


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Highly digestible fibre source suitable for all horse types


You need a breakfast that’s high in fibre, low in starch and tastes great….your horse does too! Barastoc Equibix’s low starch, high fibre flakes are the perfect complement to any feed where additional weight gain is required.


What will it do for my horse?

Cooked high fibre flakes for improved digestibility and healthy gut function, Barastoc Equibix enhances absorption of essential vitamins and nutrients.


Balanced calcium and phosphorous for bone growth and strength.


Contain molasses for improved palatability and feed intake for horses that are fussy, grain sensitive or go off their feed.


Protein level of 13% avoids digestive disturbances associated with high protein feeds in for ponies or mature working horses.


Can be fed wet or dry.


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